Pt.Deendayal Upadhyay Shikshan Sanstha

History of Pt.Deendayal Updhyay Shikshan Sanstha

         The development of any sector depends on upon it`s education. The knowledge, skill and abilities of human beings depend on quality education in rural area also. Considering these views Late. Raosaheb Patil Dandge started Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Shikshan Sanstha (Educational institute) in Warud in 1980.
He was Former vice - president of Zilla parishad, also a devoted worker of Jansangh. It was motto of the sanstha "Reach to the Unreach".

After death of Raosaheb Dandge in 1985, the responsibility of this sanstha was given to shri. Haribhau Bagade (Speaker of Legislative assembly, Maharashtra state). In last 35 years work of santha has increased in 10 different places. Building Schools is not the only policy for this trust, build the schools with large infrastructure and many facilities along with sufficient playgrounds is the only key to improve education.

An ideal education is a right of every child; most of the school of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Shikshan Sanstha has started with various new activities for student in the school. In Ancient time Gurukul, Ashram was source of education. Guru shishya (disciples) was an ideal relation. Knowledge was given for higher values of life.

But in this age Pandit Deendayal Shikshan Sanstha has decided to give quality education with moral values of life so that society should work for every child. Children (student) should become skilled businessman.
Educational atmosphere is necessary for students. So Sanstha has started Chatrapati Rajashri Shahu Hostel were started in 2001
By making a beautiful combination of Indian culture and business practice, Sanstha is running two Ashramschools (Residential schools) for neglected and poor children with the motto of social change and to make them ideal citizens.

In education various tools and techniques are used for students so that they (children) should become ready to accept new challenges, new skills, new techniques, self development and self study. Focus is given on extra- curricular activities like reading, group – discussions, sports, various camps, picnics, yoga shibir etc.

Under immense guidance of Dr. Sarjerao Thombare, Who was the member of Water resource Of Government of Maharashtra and believes in dignity of teacher in society. Since 2002 in every month Masik dyanSatra is organized where experts from different fields used to take part including staff members. After those 3 days residential NIVASI SAHVICHAR SABHA is also organized in past 17 years where all members gather together and plan for the upcoming academic year. Various seminars are taken to upgrade knowledge of teachers.

Different facilities and AAYAMs are performed for different subjects. Dr. Thombare believes that every subject is related with education, and as every teacher has the responsibility of particular subject. Who is the head of AAYAMs. 21 AAYAMS are now working in every school along with their aims and objectives by head of AYYAMS. Today the small sapling of this sanstha has turned into a very big tree with several branches. Today sanstha is running 9 secondary schools, 4 primary schools, 2 primary ashram school, 6 junior colleges, 1 senior college, and 2 hostels. Also Mahatma phule udyam yojana is started in sanstha. Today 6914 students are taking benefit for learning for this sanstha. And 207 employees, teachers and non teaching staff are working in this sanstha/ educational institute.

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